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Please direct any specific questions that you have regarding a particular scholarship to the offering department/office. Contact information is listed for each award.

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Scholarship(s) Details
Scholarship Name:Chief Richard Gunther Firefighters' Endowed Scholarship
Award:Variable amount
Class Standing:Junior, Senior, Upper-Level Undergraduate
Academic Area:All
Other Interests:All
Other Criteria:
Students must be a full time, undergraduate degree seeking juniors or seniors at NIU.
Demonstrate Financial Need.
Special consideration will be given to students whose parent(s), step-parent(s), grandparent(s) or step-grandparent(s) are currently employed, retired from, disabled from the job (or deceased) while employed as a firefighter or emergency medical technician (EMT).
Special consideration will be given, in the following order, to students whose parent(s):
are/were employed in the city of Chicago, IL as a firefighter or EMT
are/were employed in the state of Illinois as a firefighter or EMT
are/were employed as a firefighter or EMT in the United States
Special consideration will then be given to candidates who are actively serving in any branch of the United States military or have been honorably discharged from military duty.
Application URL:https://ssl.niu.edu/its/asp2ssl/onbaseforms/scholarship/Application.aspx?scholarship=Gunther
Application Requirements:Applicants must submit a 500 word essay that addresses the following points:
-Briefly outline your educational and career goals.
-Expand on the extra- and co-curricular activities in which you are involved. Discuss how these activities help to shape you as an individual and as a student. Describe leadership roles.
-Discuss special contributions you have made to your school or community and how your activities will impact the future of Northern Illinois University.
-Any additional important experience(s) which has contributed positively to your growth as an individual and/or student.
Be sure to address any specific criteria as requested in the scholarship description.
Send Application To:The scholarship application will be submitted electronically to the Scholarship Office.
Application Deadline(s):03/03/2015 (at 11:59pm)
Contact Information:Scholarship Office
Swen Parson Hall 245K
DeKalb, IL 60115
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